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Would Women Pay For Sex?

August 29, 2014 2 Comments

When I used to work at the Bordello and saw just how many men would walk through doors day in, day out; I had a theory. For every man that passes by, and slyly popped his shiny gold wedding band in his pocket; there must be an unhappy wife at home, wondering where he is. It seems to be quite the norm and acceptable – for men to receive relief from their daily stress in the way of paying for sex. No one bats an eyelid at that anymore. But how does the hard working woman get her stress relief?

We all know that, says my best friend Tab. Women talk to each other. Men can’t talk to each other, whereas we will get on the phone for three hours about every detail of our day. It’s a huge stress relief. Yeah yeah yeah, we like to talk. But what about sex? For women who aren’t getting laid? For those of us that yearn for a little bit more than grunt grunt and it’s all over.

Would a brothel for women work? Would a woman pop in on her lunch hour for a bit of afternoon sex with a male escort; before fixing her lipstick and going back to the office?

As I fantasied about the possibility of a new business venture, I realized that there was a reason why one didn’t already exist. We need a bit more than a fuck. That’s not the drawcard for us. It’s the attention we crave. The attention we can get without full-blown penetrative sex. I’m talking about the five-minute chat with your local barista, the man that held the door open for you at the bank; the waiters that give you the eye. It’s those little moments that keep us sexually satisfied on an emotional level.

But if you Google private escorts for women, a few pictures of handsome men will come up. They’re usually cheaper; more around the $200 an hour mark compared to triple that for most female escorts.

But who is the woman that wants their services?

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Help September 3, 2014 at 5:33 pm

I have paid for sex twice, once with a female and the other with a male. Initially it was a bit strange but once I relaxed it was fantastic. Nice how you can be intimate and have fun with no strings attached.

Linda Honey September 10, 2014 at 10:54 pm

Recently a male friend who is 52 was approached in a street in Bondi Junction whilst he was loading a machine on to his truck. She parked her BMW in front of his truck and got out.

She introduced herself and said she had been watching him and how he must hate his job. She went on to say she runs an escort service for ladies who want men..mostly for company and would he be interested. Apparently ‘tradie’ type men are in high demand for these lonely well-off ladies.

They like the man to come to their place, take his clothes off, leave them on the floor, and sit on the lounge in their undies, whilst these women dote over them. Washing their clothes, making them lunch, massaging their shoulders. All they want in return is to have their bum smacked ass they walk past, told what a wonderful women they are and listen to them talk for 2 to 3hrs.

Some want sex, but most don’t. My friend wasn’t interested, but he was chuffed to have been asked.

Seems the women too need attention and affection from escorts..not just the men.

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