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Will Escorts refuse “Out calls”?

posted by Samantha X July 10, 2017 0 comments
On Friday 5th June saw a siege where three special Ops officers wounded and the man involved shot dead.He had previously killed the apartment receptionist. Prior to this he had arranged for an escort to come to his Brighton apartment then binding up the woman as hostage. Somehow she  managed to make a mobile call to police. The escort being described as traumatized who wouldn’t be. Three days earlier in Clayton brothel a client attacked his partner at end of session. In this case the lady fought back and with copious amounts of hair spray and a baseball bat he was held down by her fellow workers until police arrived.
Escorting is held to be a glamorous profession but the dangerous side is rarely or never spoken of. Samantha do you think that its safer to work in a brothel than risk “out calls” What is your experience regards “risky clients”


Dear Concerned,
Great question. Do I think brothels are safer? No. I was sexually assaulted in a brothel – and was then firmly shown the door. I didn’t get any support. You don’t choose your clients in a brothel.  As an independent escort, I choose who I see. The thing I rely on? My gut. If someone doesn’t sound right, it isn’t right. If something someone says puts me off, even ever so slightly, denied. Girls – listen to your gut. No money in the world is worth putting your safety at risk. I have never had a bad experience as a private escort because I am the gatekeeper. As for outcalls and incalls – having an incall is, in my opinion, a lot safer. Come to my five star hotel or me go to some unit in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night? No thanks. I have never had an issue with a hotel. I make friends with the staff, I let them know if I need anything, and they know what I do. I don’t make a song and dance about it, I am discreet and I don’t cause problems. But I need to know that I can pick up the phone and call them if I get into trouble, which I have never had to do. My advice for escorts – worry about your safety rather than someone at the hotel knowing what you do. The hotel isn’t there to ‘out’ you. If you do go to a hotel to meet a gentleman, make sure you memorise where the lift is, and which way it is if you need to leave his room in a hurry. If you feel at all unsure, leave.
Hope that helps.









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