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Who Wants To Be An Angel?

June 9, 2015 2 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am delighted to share some exciting news with you.

I am in the process of launching Samantha X Angels, my elite escort agency.

As you will know by now, the three words I live by are Class, Integrity and Sophistication. Those three words are helping me slowly build the foundations of Samantha X Angels.

I am in the process of recruiting. I am looking for ladies who are aged 30 plus, who have excellent social skills, preferably from a professional background and genuinely love the company of men.

Elegance and education sits heads and shoulders above the perfect thighs. Humour, warmth and life experience override youth. I am not looking for supermodels, instead ladies who count listening and conversation just as (if not more) important than acrobatics in the bedroom.

Samantha X Angels will be offering intimacy, not just sex. We will build relationships and special experiences; not notching up clients on a bed post. Sharing a good bottle of red and intelligent conversation with a special person is far harder to find than wham bam thank you ma’am.

I am in the business of empowering women, not exploiting them. I will be extremely selective in the ladies I choose to represent my brand and each one will undergo mentoring and coaching with me.

But I am and will be selective with my clients too. Gentlemen who will be selected to experience an Angel will also demonstrate class, intregrity and sophistication.

So ladies, I am hosting a Recruitment Day on June 23rd, at a private location in Sydney CBD.

For interviews and details, please email my PA at who will make a time with you for that day. Discretion assured.

Gentlemen, be patient. Samantha X Angels is coming!

Lots of love

Samantha X

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Emma Branson June 12, 2015 at 8:52 pm

Oh my goodness, I wish! Someone tell me there’s a market for mummy tummies lol

Ashlee Jensen June 23, 2015 at 6:13 pm

I wish I had of known about this earlier, only just saw it on last night. A change of scenery would be great, although I do enjoy working for myself now, it would be nice to see what else is out there.

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