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Who did who wrong?!

posted by Samantha X March 21, 2017 1 Comment
Hey Samantha… I’ve been an escort for almost a year now, and like you I find myself curious to know what some of my clients think… however, I ended up getting close with one of them… he of course lied and said he wasn’t married, even though I’m aware probably 97% of my clients are… Since the summer we have moved in together and moved from the city where we met… he asked me to stop working and I did, but once we moved he has changed his mind, says the money is too good, and is more than willing to help me get back out there… I’ve honestly got doubts about the entire situation and there’s a constant battle between my head and heart… I’m always getting funny feelings that he’s either:
A) cheating with this other girl he met before me
B) calling escorts

I guess my question is…
Have you ever encountered this type of situation before? And if so, how was the outcome? I’m gonna guess Pretty Woman is purely fictional. 🙁


Dear Feeling Unloved,

Yep, you’ve worked it out – Pretty Woman is a great movie – but just that, fantasy. No man is going to rescue you and more importantly, you don’t need rescuing. From what you’ve said, I think this man is trying to worm out of the relationship by encouraging you to go back to work. If he really loved you, he would want what is best for you. Has he actually asked you what YOU want? You say you worry he is cheating. You don’t trust him: issue number two. He already lied about not being married. So yes – he is lying to you now without a doubt.
As for him seeing other escorts still; I have a theory. Once a client, always a client.  This job is addictive for us as escorts but equally addictive for clients too.
You know what I think? Ditch him. Go back to escorting – or whatever you choose to do – and don’t give up your power so quickly and easily for a man. Next time a client whispers sweet nothings into your ears – know that they are just  that – nothings. Take his money and close the door after. Let him fool someone else.
Sam X


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1 Comment

Kevin Benson March 27, 2017 at 1:59 pm

.Ref: Who did who wrong”
Samantha really is right,sadly. Had a neighbor who was out with escorts. His wife a lovely lady devastated and I wonder now if this shock started the breast cancer that killed her. I can still remember her literally crying out to the sky about her circumstances. Some men -seems too many – just treat women as chattels, escorts included.
I feels its a big ask for a man to accept his partner working in sex industry BUT I am a believer in Love – yes usually seen as naive – and its possible.BUT boy does that Love need to be strong and honest as best can be.
I see it again and again women have a heart that kinda blinds them to what that man really is. Sadly some men are very skillful liars.

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