Treatment In A Brothel

Mar 31, 2019

Hi Samantha,
I am currently working in a brothel in Perth and have only been working for a year.
I wanted to ask you if there are any laws in place to protect ladies working in a brothel, they are charging the ladies if they are late and I worked 12 hours the other night, staying back at their request and fell asleep with a more than happy client for 20 minutes and they took my entire money for the booking, also taking a photo of me naked and shaming me in front of all the girls.
I just feel it is unfair! What are your thoughts?

Dear SW,

I was shocked and saddened to read your email. No no no what you are going through is abuse. Whether or not it is illegal, I am pretty sure they are breaking the law by refusing to pay you. Not withstanding the shocking abuse you are being subjected through. Forget taking them to court, just leave. Your mental health and well being is far too precious to go through what you are going through. Hope that helps

S x