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What does it take to be a good conversationalist?

posted by Samantha X December 18, 2017 0 comments
Dear Samantha,

You mentioned somewhere that a true courtesan should also be an excellent conversationalist – do you have any tips for escorts on leading good conversation with men?
What do you look for in terms of communication and social skills when you are recruiting your Angels?


Dear chatty,

You don’t need to know about politics or the history of the Gaza Strip to be a good conversationalist. The best advice I can give you is two very simple things:

1) ask questions
2) listen

The height of rudeness and a one way conversation to boredom is when the other person asks a question and then doesn’t bother listening to the answer. For good chat, ask questions, listen and get a sense of how open your client is. He will let you know if he doesn’t want to talk. More than not, they love a good chat so natter away! Some say never talk about personal stuff but in my experience, some men are starved of emotional connection and need someone to talk to, in a safe non-judgemental environment.

Sam xx






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