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Stuck with a life I hate

May 5, 2019 0 comments

Dear Samantha,
I am 27 but have been told my whole life I have an old soul and act older than I am. I have had a crazy good life full of good and bad just like anyone. I become a mother right after I graduated high school giving up a soccer scholarship. I was married and lived on a beautiful farm with lots of chickens and pigs, goats and 5 dogs. I ran my own business and life was good until….well life happened. I am divorced and my son now only comes to visit twice a month. I have a boyfriend who is honestly the most amazing and intriguing man I have ever met and because of him I know what I want to do. I  want to become an escort and start a new life. My question to you is how do I tell my family that I’m leaving the US to start this insanely awesome but scary yet exciting adventure and start a new life? I know I’m going to hurt alot of people including my son who isn’t even 10 yet. But I feel I was meant to do this and if I don’t, I will forever be miserable. I hate my life and want to take this leap, but need a little guidance!


Dear New Life,
Well done on two things: recognising you are miserable and for doing something about it! Should you tell everyone about your new future role as an escort? My guess is no, not yet. You say you will hurt a lot of people. Being a public escort is empowering and free, but it comes at a cost. Make sure this new career is exactly what you want to do before you start telling all. Do it for a while, get an idea of what it’s like, and then decide. I know you want to shout it from the rooftops. But it’s best to climb the stairs slowly first.
Good luck!












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