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Should she? Shouldn’t she?

posted by Samantha X July 17, 2017 1 Comment
Hi Sam, I love following your twitter feed. Nothing sexier than a strong woman!
My wife and I are hitting the big 40 and have been together for 20 years and our kids are at an age we’re they are becoming independent.
This year our sex lives have opened up to a whole new world with new experiences that has taken our relationship to a whole new level! We are both successful in our career’s and have high expectations out of life. She has recently bought up the idea of escorting occasionally one night a week if time allows. I’m open to the idea of this. Is this a pipeline dream or recipe for disaster??


Dear hubby,

Ooooooh the first two words I thought of when I read your question was ‘Pandora’s Box’. Be careful. While it may sound exciting and sexy, escorting sometimes is far from that. It is also addictive. Will your wife really be committed to working just one night a week? What if she gets great offers for the other nights and doesn’t want to turn them down? If you go down this path, you both need to be really really clear on the boundaries. While it sounds like you have a wonderful marriage, keep communicating about it.
Sam xx










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1 Comment

Kevin Benson July 29, 2017 at 2:18 pm

Dear Hubby

Think VERY carefully over what Sam has written. Sam has really spelt it out. Your wife will be out there and her experiences are not going to be yours.You probably talk about them and have a laugh or two. But her escorting will change your relationship.
What type of a marriage/relationship do you both want? lot more in depth talk from you both required.Your wife will cope escorting but,with respect,I suspect you wont.Your a male you see and it takes a special kind of man sadly few of us males are up for it. I suppose its a basic DNA male competitive instinct.

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