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Hooked is a fly-on-the-wall sexy, juicy, page-turner of what really goes on behind the walls of Sydney’s most infamous brothel.


Samantha X is not your typical hooker. She’s the wrong side of 35, has two kids and counts dining at her local pizzeria as a wild night out.

Career-wise, Samantha had it all: writing for Australia’s top-selling women’s magazines, appearing as a media expert on television and travelling the world for the sake of a good story. But after a marriage breakdown, and with two kids, she turned her back on the media. Samantha decided to dust off her stilettos and work at Sydney’s most infamous brothel, where she soon became one of their most in-demand girls. Not only was she making great cash, but she was also privy to the real-life stories of her clients – irresistible to the journalist in her.

How could she not keep a record of their salacious stories?

Hooked is a fly-on-the-wall sexy, juicy page-turner that describes what really goes on behind the walls of a brothel: from tearful married men confessing their secrets to lesbian threesomes to servicing the odd married couple trying to reignite their relationship.

But while whoring can be lucrative and fun, it also comes with a hefty price, as Samantha soon finds out . . . The only problem is, can she kick her addiction to what she believes to be the best job in the world?

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Back On Top

High-profile escort, journalist, author, mum and sex industry pioneer. A woman who prides herself on staying true and being empowered – even mentoring other women – yet who, when it comes to her own life, has become a dishevelled bloody mess.

Samantha X is at a turning point in her career and life: should she stay escorting or hang up her high heels? In this fascinating, compelling sequel to the bestselling Hooked, we see Samantha grow into her new role as the boss of her escort agency Samantha X Angels, how she deals with the girls, falling in love with Mr Big (while still managing to sneak in a few clients) . . . and much, much more!

Back on Top is fast-paced and outrageous, a behind-the-scenes story told with flair. Samantha X does not hold back when it comes to men, love, sex – and getting herself back on top.

Available to purchase as an ebook or paperback. Or alternatively purchase below.