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Sexless marriage

August 10, 2018 0 comments
Dear Samantha, I am married since 17 years to the father of my 2 daughters. The last time we had sex was when we conceived our daughter, in other words 10 years ago. I did at numerous occasions speak about it to him but he really remains indifferent towards the situation. I had affairs but it just left me empty. We live in the same house but sleep in different bedrooms. It reminds me of the sitcom Friends living together like buddies and yeah nothing more. I still don’t accept this situation because it made me very depressed. We both contacted our lawyers to file for divorce. Crap I’m so confused.  In the meantime I have met somebody that I care about a lot. My heart vibrates and beats when I spend time with him. We make a super team it’s just an extraordinary experience. Well I’m not going to write my biography here but I just wanted to know what your opinion is about this situation Samantha . Thank you in advance.


Dear Sexless,

We all know that a lot of mums lose their sex drive after kids, but so do dads. This isn’t the first time I have heard this.
You have written to me because you know I call a spade a spade. And here’s my two bob’s. Your issue made me sad. I felt heavy in my heart at your sexless situation, having been in one myself, I know how empty it makes you feel – not at least due to the slow ebbing away of your self-esteem. I don’t necessarily think that your lover is Mr Right either. What I do think though is that you have a right to be happy. We all do. Leave your sad, sad marriage. It’s not going to get better. Rather be alone than lonely, and I hear such loneliness in your message. Start making a new life for yourself today and good luck.

Sam xx







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