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Ripped Off Client

May 11, 2018

Hello there samantha ive been admiring your work and stunning looks for a while now..xxxxxx…I had a 4 hour dinner date with an escort last week and didn’t turn out as id expected..took them for dinner, casino and on local attraction..then back to where I was staying..  then was reminded 15 minutes before, was time to finish despite her actually arriving 15 minutes late….she wouldn’t even hold hands etc for first few hours…  i was expecting a bit more contact …is this normal behaviour for an escort? Shouldn’t the escort be ensuring the client has the best time not the other way?


Dear Ripped Off Client,

I’m confused, did you do the deed or did you just pay for her dinner and then she buggered off with a few thousands bucks and a full belly? Let’s workshop both. If you had intimacy during your time together, but was a bit nicked off about her leaving early and not holding your hand in public – then no major crime was committed. Not many escorts I know want to show affection in public, myself included. Please, please don’t assume you can put your arm around them, kiss them, cuddle them, hold their hands or get them to sit on your laps in public places unless you have communicated this with the lady prior. She is well within her rights to say no way Jose. If she left 15 mins early, so be it. There are clock watchers in every profession. Ok, now for the more serious crime….she gobbled her way through a five course meal, quaffed expensive bottles of champers, fart arsed around in the hotel room with no kissing, no cuddling and no sex and buggered off early with an envelope stuffed full of green notes. You have every right to feel ripped off because you were ripped off. You are correct, a professional lady ensures her clients’ needs are met 110% of the time, whether that be emotional, mental or between the sheets. Write it off as a bad experience, and find another companion. Make sure you communicate your needs well and truly before you met. Have fun!

Sam x










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