Three words I stay true to at all times are class, honesty and integrity.

As an author, ex journalist and now a high class escort, I see myself as a business woman who does what she loves, and loves what she does.

I hold no shame about my role as an escort, in fact, I truly believe that at the age of 40 I have found my calling.

I love men and I simply adore sex but we all know our time together is not just about a roll around in bed. I joked once in the media that if my job was about sex I would have five minute appointments! Our time together, as you know, is far deeper than that. What is far more important than the act, is intimacy, affection, two minds connecting, as well as two bodies.

My clients quite often become regular companions. Discreet relationships that I will hopefully have for years to come. Relationships built on trust, respect and honesty.

I am not in the business of cramming my diary with as many clients as I can. I turn down more than I accept. Money is not a driving force, but happiness and mental health is – quality over quantity.

A bit about me. I am half English, half Iranian, born in London. I am confident, happy and healthy. Having turned 40 this year, I think my forties will be a wonderful sexy decade. I embrace my body and I will enjoy embracing yours! I love receiving as well as giving, and oral is something I think is highly underrated!

I am just as fussy when it comes to accepting clients as you are, and should be, in choosing ladies. I choose gentlemen who demonstrate respect, kindness, class and manners. I do not offer short notice; like you, I have another life which often takes priority.

I look forward to our encounter.



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