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EBook – Intimacy: Your Common Questions Answered

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It’s the billion dollar question – what do women want and what are men thinking…or how do you make your relationship work, and how to fix it if it’s broken? I may be able to help.


I have written an ebook answering some of the most popular questions you have asked me about relationships, sex and intimacy. With my unique experience in and out of the bedroom, I share with you what I've learnt about intimacy. Men confide in me, women talk to me, and together with my coaching skills, I can help you in your relationship with your partner and especially yourself.

Some of the questions I answer:

- My partner never wants to have sex. What should I do?
- I’m single and never going to meet anyone. What should I do?
- How do I pleasure a woman?
- What do you think is the secret to a healthy relationship?
- How do I know if a woman is faking it?
- How can I tell if my partner is cheating?

Plus many more!


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