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Coaching with Samantha X

$250.00 inc GST

Are you looking to better yourself and the relationships with people close to you? Or perhaps you are sick of your unhealthy habits and want a happier, healthier, more confident you?


Are you looking to better yourself and the relationships with people close to you? Or perhaps you are sick of your unhealthy habits and want a happier, healthier, more confident you?

It seems the older we get, the more complicated our lives become. In a world where we are so connected with technology, we seem to be more disconnected than ever, with more and more people searching for purpose and meaning in their hectic lives.

You are in a safe space. As an NLP Practitioner and with my unique life experience as an escort and journalist, I have spent hours listening to men (and women) talk openly and honestly about their loves, losses and lives. I have battled addiction, am sober and living a healthier more peaceful life. And I can now take what I’ve learnt to help YOU. Are you ready to begin your new life?

I can help you with:
- Relationships
- Sex & Intimacy
- Healthier Lifestyle
- Self Love

You will walk away with a clearer understanding of your situation and yourself. I don’t sugar coat my advice nor tell you what I think you want to hear. I am going to give you authentic answers.

I offer private intensive sessions as a life & intimacy coach.
Sessions are available for women, men and couples in Sydney & Melbourne, and nationally and internationally via Skype.

Intensive coaching sessions run for 90min, where you will get a:
- full assessment
- practical tools and advice
- a clear action plan for moving forward.

Session is valued at $250 incl GST

If you prefer to have a brief 10-minute conversation with me first to make sure we’re a good fit for working together. Please click below to arrange a phone call. Book Your Phone Call Now.


10 reviews for Coaching with Samantha X

  1. Marc

    After some complex relationship failures I felt the need to calibrate my bearings and I got this via a frank discussion with Samantha. She had the empathy of a reliable friend and the objectivity of a concerned stranger. A Counsellor, Clairvoyant or Dating Agent could deliver any analysis. Instead, what Samantha gave me was a valuable and brutally honest insight. Samantha is graceful, articulate and fearless. And what makes people tick is what she knows.
    – Marc

  2. Sarah

    Thank you Sam. The coaching session I spent with you was exceptional. It was like catching up with a warm and trusted friend. No bias, no judgement. You listened and asked good questions (which also got me thinking of other directions). I felt my mind expand and my heart certainly did. Thank you for the giggles too! After time in conversation with you I felt I’d been sprinkled with your special brand of mojo. Invisible feminine power and fire – and it feels good xxx
    – Sarah

  3. Melissa

    After I suffered a mental and physical breakdown I had lost all my self confidence and hated myself. Samantha was non judgmental, warm, professional and empathetic during my sessions and helped me to recover and transform into a person who now loves life and loves herself. Samantha coached me to realise my possibilities and opportunities in love and life are endless. Thank you so much Samantha. I am so grateful x
    – Melissa

  4. Anna

    I came to Samantha for relationship advice, she is very honest and tells you what you needed to hear. She is also very empathetic in understanding what your needs are and empowers you to work towards your happiness and be your self.
    – Anna

  5. John

    I found the counselling session with Samantha very helpful.
    She is very straight talking and upfront with the truth and how she sees things.
    Left me with quite a few questions I needed to ask myself.

  6. Tom

    What can I say about Samantha other than she has been an utter godsend to my life. Prior to our meeting, I found myself to be dealing with deep emotions for another that has been affecting my inner-self and was also feeling guilty and ashamed of the situation I found myself to be in. It wasn’t until my meeting with Samantha that I was able to finally find clarity in my mind and level the emotions that had been keeping me up late at night. Samantha took the time to hear me out and really connected with me on a personal level. Even though we were separated by the great Pacific ocean during our meeting, it felt as if she was right there along side me helping me get through all that I was going through. Samantha has really brought comfort and solace into my life and I will forever thankful for that. Thank You Samantha!

  7. Jesse

    Honestly, it feels like Samantha has been a second mum to me throughout my sessions. The issues that I have been dealing with would have been 100% harder without her. I’m very grateful for her support. Thank you Samantha xx

  8. Tony

    I walked out of my first session with Samantha feeling like a large weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She is a great listener and provided honest feedback and clear simply direction on action plans going forward. I am in the process of not only revamping my landscape business but also getting my health on track and have Samantha to thank on both counts.

  9. Adam

    Follow up session held with Samantha today. Since my first session my health has improved and weight has been lost. Also there is a plan in place to revamp my landscape business over the coming months. Samantha has made things simple, continues to be a great listener and her support has been invaluable. Whilst I have some homework to do I am looking forward to our next session.

  10. John

    Finally was able to catch up in person with Samantha after the easing of Covid restrictions.Samantha was great support during the Covid lockdown and was always available on the phone or e-mail. She has helped me revamp my business and also helped me improve my health with simple but effective changes.
    Cannot thank her enough for ongoing support.

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