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Back on Top (paperback)

July 31, 2017 0 comments

Back on Top (paperback)


$29.99 inc GST

Product Description

High-profile escort, journalist, author, mum and sex industry pioneer. A woman who prides herself on staying true and being empowered – even mentoring other women – yet who, when it comes to her own life, has become a dishevelled bloody mess. Samantha X is at a turning point in her career and life: should she stay escorting or hang up her high heels? In this fascinating, compelling sequel to the bestselling Hooked, we see Samantha grow into her new role as the boss of her escort agency Samantha X Angels, how she deals with the girls, falling in love with Mr Big (while still managing to sneak in a few clients) . . . and much, much more! Back on Top is fast-paced and outrageous, a behind-the-scenes story told with flair. Samantha X does not hold back when it comes to men, love, sex – and getting herself back on top.