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New Father

posted by Samantha X November 27, 2017 0 comments
My partner has had a baby and he is 9 weeks old. She has a problem of being intimate, perhaps she is scared after the baby was born. Any suggestions on connecting would be helpful, thanks.


Dear Caring Partner,

Please be patient with your partner! She’s just had a baby and probably has rips and tears in places she never knew possible, as well as the mental trauma of going through the birth! Add in there exhaustion and sleep deprivation. The last thing on her mind is sex I am afraid. My advice is give it time. Let her heal – mentally and physically. It will take time – so please be patient with her. Don’t pressure her or make her feel guilty.  If she’s for it, maybe it’s a good time to rediscover foreplay? Kissing, cuddling and a bit of oral? As long as you communicate with each other and keep cuddling – you will be rewarded it time!

Sam xx





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