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What is too much for Samantha X?

posted by Samantha X February 10, 2017 0 comments
Samantha, upon reading an article you posted, I came across a rather forward statement discussing how clients would talk about candid and personal issues. Now you yourself have described yourself as an ‘Overpaid psychologist’. I can’t help but think this maybe a little too much for one person to handle. Peoples issues are exactly that… there issues. Upon booking yourself recently, I felt warmth and comfort and it was easy to get along with yourself. Which is why I can understand these clients. But I also know that it can be rather an emotional experience which is why I’m expressing this concern.

I would love to hear your view/opinion on this and look forward to hearing back from you.

Dear X,
Thank you for such a thoughtful question. Hmmm, yes, it can be hard sometimes listening to a host of issues from a host of men – but I enjoy being Samantha very much. Being Samantha means I get to dress nicely, meet lots of interesting people, have great sex, and with that comes connection. So I am always very flattered when men feel comfortable enough to confide in me. Escorts play the role of therapists as well as many other things and it is probably the most important aspect of our jobs.
Of course, I often need someone to talk to – and not only do I have wonderful friends and a tight support network, but I also see a psychologist every fortnight and have been for years. I owe her my sanity sometimes!

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