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Mentoring with Samantha X

Are you interested in becoming a high-class escort?

Perhaps it’s not the sex industry you wish to work in, but you long for a better sex life and tips to attract men? Maybe you just want to feel more in control of your life and need a boost of self-confidence?

Samantha offers mentoring packages where she spends one-to-one time with you giving you honest and real advice.

Each package is tailor made to suit your own personal needs.



Single Dad to Hot Date

Divorce is never easy but harder still is being single in a world that was very different when you were 20! There are plenty of beautiful, sexy and strong women around, but will they want YOU?

Look in the mirror. Is there hair sprouting in places that shouldn’t? Is your once cute dad bod turning into middle-aged spread? Do you choose what to wear based on what doesn’t smell in your messy wardrobe? Be honest – would YOU date you?

What ex wife of 25 years let slide might be the deal breaker for a new partner. Old habits you have slipped into may not impress a new lady in your life. You probably need not only a physical overhaul, but honest and frank advice on what women are looking for, what you’re doing wrong and how to feel great and look hot again!

Having spent hundreds of hours with men from all walks of life, Samantha knows what mistakes they are making when it comes to women. By hearing their stories, noticing their nuances and realizing how easy it is to become stuck in a rut, she can help you be the man you used to be, or the man you want to be.

** These sessions are for men only and are strictly intimacy free. If you wish to book an escort, visit Samantha X Angels  **