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Is it cheating?

posted by Samantha X January 18, 2018
Hi Sam X,

On the subject of married men. What is an escorts view/opinion when seeing married men would tbey view them as cheating on wifes?


Dear Curious,

Ah the good old married man question! Of course it’s cheating! Any man who doesn’t think seeking intimacy outside their marriage isn’t cheating is delusional. I remember once years ago, a young client said to me smugly: ‘This isn’t cheating;’. I relied: ‘Really? Shall we ask your girlfriend to pop in with coffees?’

My rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t do it in the same room as your partner, then should you be doing it?
Saying that, as an escort, it is not their job to judge. They don’t give a hoot whether their client is fat, thin, one legged, married, divorced, a virgin, just in the same way a doctor doesn’t care what their patient looks like. A job is a job, and I don’t care what anyone says, seeing an escort can save marriages. Some couples can’t have sex, sleep in separate rooms, have zero intimacy, are sick…seeing a professional is safer than having an affair. But if you are doing it without your partner knowing then yes, in my eyes, that is cheating.

Sam xx









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