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Low Sex Drive

October 1, 2018 0 comments
Hi Samantha,
My wife and I been married 2 years and dating 2 years before that. I moved to to Australia a year ago and with the stress of looking for a job and expenses our sex life has changed. We have sex maybe once in 2 months. We take a few pills to increase our sex drive but it doesn’t seem to work or try a few other things like vacations or a night out.. Any advice on how to boost our drive??


Dear Frustrated,

Ooh sounds like you are both doing the right thing to help improve your sex life but nothing seems to be working. There is no point taking pills if the emotional desire isn’t there at the moment. You’ve tried date nights and holidays – so what about watching porn together or treating yourselves to a third party for the night? Make sure you discuss openly with your wife before you go ahead and book! Also, don’t stress too much. The bigger an issue it becomes, the less sexier sex will feel. X







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