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Just curious…

posted by Samantha X March 15, 2018
Hi Sam, these are some questions I’m curious about when you were in the industry.
1. Did you ever have any feelings for your clients?
2. Did you ever compare the clients size with your other workers?
3. Has a client ever fell in love with you?


Dear Curious,

1) Yes – escorts are not robots. Of course we have feelings for some of our clients – but not in the way you might think. Instead of falling in love with them, we grow fond of them, like old companions that catch up once in a while.

2) The size of a client’s penis is of zero relevance to an escort. Escorts don’t really talk about their clients – what happens between them stays between them. Unless you are like me, an escort that wrote books about her clients!!

3) Yes a client has fallen in love with me and it ended in disaster. My advice to escorts is don’t date your clients – you lose income from them and it rarely works out.

Sam x








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