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Is domination common?

posted by Samantha X July 10, 2017 1 Comment
Hi Samantha X,

Do you get some clients who enjoy cuckolding, e.g. dominated by you, playful fantasises about the size of the penis e.g. small penis cucking or humiliation, and how they’d like to watch you with a man who has a big penis etc. Do some men clients you have request you dominate them or cuck them etc?


Dear Anon,
In my six or seven year (I can never remember) as Samantha, I can safely say that no, no client has ever wanted me to humiliate him on the size of his penis.
However, I can tell you I have had to tell men with small penises how big they are…
I think it’s something to do with ego…ahem…
Much love







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1 Comment

Steve Mitchell July 11, 2017 at 1:38 pm

I found this is a good question and enjoyed it. And good answer. I’m a guy who has a small penis I’m currently single(t hasn’t stopped me getting a girlfriend) and sometimes with past girlfriends I have had some small penis fetishes e.g. fantasy talk with my girlfriend being with a man with a big penis while we have sex it’s a lot of fun and it made her orgasm it was hot, or she would compliment my pretty small penis, and I have done role playing with escorts I have booked and had the escort talk about liking a big penis. I’m a guy who because of my small penis has had to work hard in other areas like giving clitoral orgasms sometimes more than vaginal orgasms,but I have been able to give vaginal orgasms as well with my small penis. I have not wanted to be humiliated(small penis humiliation) but rather be dominated or cucked or the fantasy elements e.g. big penis and small penis fantasies working together. I think if you have a big penis e.g. thick or long it can obviously provide pleasure especially if you know who to use it it can provide amazing vaginal orgasms for women I’ve been told by many women and the visually aorusal elements of a big penis, but also if you have a small penis you can do fantasies and also it can be sexy as well for a woman to have a guy with a small penis make a big effort to please her and be a caring lover. So a big penis and a small penis can provide different sorts of pleasure but both can provide lots of pleasure..

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