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In Love with a Stripper

posted by Samantha X January 17, 2018
I am trying to decide what to do about my evolving friendship with a stripper at a local club, who I would love to have as true romantic partner.  We spend a lot of time together and are quite close, as in “undresses for a doctor with me in the exam room” and “visits me at home for our Christmas gift exchange” and “tells me details of illegal activities such that one CrimeStoppers report could get her whole family thrown in jail and their homes seized.”

Do strippers ever get romantically involved with former customers?  Should I keep courting her or give up?  I had a much longer submission including what is uniquely our “story” but I’m not sure if you can answer or have already answered this in a general way.


Dear In Love,

Well safe to say there has been a boundary that has been crossed here – by both of you. She obviously feels close to you and trusts you to confide in you the way she does. Are you giving her money for her time still? If so, a relationship will be tricky to navigate. It is hard to make the jump from client/worker to boyfriend and girlfriend – many have tried and there aren’t too many success stories. Have you spoken to her about your feelings? She may be seeing you as someone to lean on rather than a romantic partner.  Think about this: if you did become romantically involved, would you be OK with her stripping still or would you want her to stop? Would you support her or would this become an issue? Falling in love is easy. The reality is harder. No one likes getting hurt but I have a feeling you are being led up the garden path by this lady, even though it may be quite unintentional.

Sam xx









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