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Immune to emotional feelings?

posted by Samantha X July 17, 2017 1 Comment
Hi Samantha

I came across your story last night when searching escorts  and you have really inspired me.

I have just started out (I’m 58) Ive only had 2 clients so far.

I am single (broke up with my partner last year)

My question is, is there that chance that escorting can make you immune (numb) to emotional feelings for a man in the future? I really believe I’m a natural at this (my first job I wasn’t even nervous, like a duck to water)

Would like to think there is someone in the future for me.



Dear J,

Great question. Escorting is wonderful in so many ways, it gives you flexibility, cash and freedom. However, like everything, it comes at a cost. The costs are different for everyone, but one cost is that it can rewire you. You get so used to disconnecting emotionally that it may be harder to flick the switch back on. Or not. It really is entirely so individual. Personally, yes I find it hard but for me, escorting and relationships are near impossible to have side by side. For now.
Sam xx






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1 Comment

Kevin Benson July 24, 2017 at 1:16 pm

To J
I think serious emotional commitments must be almost impossible. Disconnecting and then reconnecting really tests the emotions. I recall a part time stripper -uni student – saying she gave herself 3 years in stripping any longer she felt and she would either still stripping or messed up emotionally. BUT I still believe its possible to meet that “right” person. Love is powerful and we can change. Its a challenge true, that need lots patience, no judgements, its new way of life.
So J dont give up hope ever.

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