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Help – My husband is in love with an escort!

posted by Samantha X February 26, 2018
Hi Sam , I really need your help . I’m married, it’s been 10 years and had recently delivered a baby boy 9 months only and I discovered that my husband is in love with an escort. I’m still in love with him and I need to convince him to let go of her ..please advise


Dear Heartbroken,

Your husband is a fool to fall in love with an escort. If there is something I can assure you of is that the escort is not in love with him. She may be fond of him or think he is a nice guy, but she is being paid to be in his company. He probably doesn’t know much about her, her real name, her family situation (it’s likely she has a partner and/or kids..). She certainly has a life he knows nothing about. He may think he is in love with his escort, but what he is really in love with is the idea of a woman being focussed on him and his needs for a few hours, away from the humdrum of real life. An escort is paid to be totally present in the time she has with her client. She would make him feel like the most special person in the world in the time they have together. She would wear sexy lingerie, pour him a drink and listen to his woes, being totally present, without a screaming baby, or being nagged.  Of course he thinks he’s in love with her! What he thinks he loves isn’t real. His reality is like most people’s reality, marriage, kids, bills to pay, a boss to keep happy and a wife that wants him home helping. An escort offers a fantasy, a few hours of indulgent pleasure, of making him feel like a king. Don’t hate her – she’s providing a service and being paid to. She is not really the woman he thinks she is – she has bills to pay, stresses and pressures of every day – but he doesn’t get to hear that.
If you want him back – be tough. Say he has to make a choice between an escort or his wife and baby. Nothing about this is your fault. He isn’t in love with her because of anything you are doing wrong. He probably feels he needs more attention – but this is not your fault. He is selfish and delusional. If he chooses the escort, he is an even bigger fool. Kick him out, take every penny you can from him, and be safe in the knowledge it will end in tears, most likely his. Whether you take him back or not is up to you – you know him better than anyone. You can’t control other people’s actions, but you can control how you feel. You don’t need to be with a man that wants to be with someone else. You deserve better.

Sam x







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