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Falling In Love

August 28, 2019 1 Comment
Hi Samantha,
I hope you are well.
I was wondering if you can give me some advice if possible? It’s about a girl that I like and she is an escort. I have been seeing her for 2 months,  we talk mainly and she does call me if she needs something like seeing a GP . I have kept distance with women all my life she is the first girl I got to be intimate with and I really like that we laugh and go for drives. Do you think if I show her how much she means to me one day she will consider being with me . I am an old fashioned guy, I want love, commitment and perhaps family one day. I know I’m asking her alot to give up her profession and be with me but I will support her and treat her like she deserves. Any advice you have I’ll be very greatful.  I do like her and waiting patiently for one day to have her with me all the time as in not by hrs. Thank you so much.


Dear Mr Patient,

I can understand why you are falling in love with an escort – they are very lovable! However, I have bad news. Rarely do relationships between clients and escorts work, primarily due to the nature of how you met. Also rare is an escort giving up her work because she is asked to by a man. It’s lovely she sees you as a friend, although I would say boundaries are being blurred, which isn’t fair on you and is leading you on, especially if she knows your feelings towards her. Have an honest conversation with her. Her response will most likely give you the answers you are looking for.

Sam x










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1 Comment

Luke Stevens August 28, 2019 at 4:56 pm

it can be easy to fall in love with an escort, particularly if they are good at their job. And while I believe it can work in rare cases, I also feel that falling in love with someone means also falling in love with what they do. It’s part of the package. Having an expectation that they would give up their job for you (regardless of what that is) means there are conditions on the love. Its called unconditional love for a reason and you have to be prepared to accept EVERYTHING about the person you are in love with. I had a partner who voted liberal, I didn’t like it but it was part of who they were. Escorting is a little different to voting Liberal I know but the principal is the same. I am sure there were parts of my life she was not keen on as well but again its part of the overall package. If at some time she elected to change careers that would and should be her choice, not because of someone elses expectations.

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