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Ever had any medical incidents?!

posted by Samantha X February 23, 2017 0 comments
Hi Samantha,

I am a big fan of your books and blog. You’re an inspiring woman.

I had to ask if you have had any medical incidents occur servicing an older client base. Has there been any moment where you have had to administer first aid or respond to any situation? Is there any requirement catering to older clientele within the industry?

Best regards!


Hello! I think it is a common worry for escorts whether some of their older clients pop their clogs during their booking. I have heard of it happening (and I hear the police are very considerable in what – and where – they tell the wives their husband was found..) No, luckily none of my clients have had any kind of emergency medically in our time together. It would be quite traumatic for all involved. Did you know this is why escorts ask for payment first? (Ok, that was a joke!) x

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