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Do you feel you have changed since your first book?

April 4, 2018
Silly question I suppose we do change with life experiences but seemed a little “hardness, cynicism”  showing in the last book. Had sense you being pushed into a “corner”?? Mr Big was painful reading. Roof top bars will never be the same.


Dear Curious,

As you say, people change and yes it would be a fair assumption to make that I have changed since my first book Hooked was published in 2014. If anything, I have changed for the better. I have become stronger inside, I have a greater understanding of my psychical and mental boundaries and I don’t fear much now. Outing myself and owning my job as an escort was terrifying yet liberating. You say my second book I seem ‘harder.’ Possibly. To anyone who hasn’t read Back on Top, I write about my experience dating a client Mr Big, and the emotional torture that came with being in an abusive relationship. Once I couldn’t cry any more tears, I hardened up yes as protection and survival. But that is in the past. I still believe in love, I am open to love and I still cry in movies! One bad experience doesn’t change the make up of your heart – it doesn’t with me anyway. I may be wiser now but I am still soft inside!








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Kevin Benson April 14, 2018 at 4:45 pm

Never doubted your inner softness ever. Yes honesty as best you can in long run best policy despite painful with risk of losing old friends. Still feel emotional risk to self high in long term. Do not wish to that to happen to you.

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