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June 26, 2019 0 comments
Dear Sam, I want to say thank you for giving a voice to in the media to those who are rarely heard.

My girlfriend of 2 years is an escort and I love it when she dresses up for her clients and feel comfortable privately with what she does. Our relationship is the best I’ve been in – i’ve dated doctors, lawyers etc in the past and I’ve clashed as it’s been two career orientated people. Our relationship involves a complete openness which I find refreshing.

My problem is, we are planning to have a baby in the future and I want to introduce my girlfriend to my family. Any tips on how to approach it? She is 35 and i’m 33.


Dear Future Husband of an Escort,

Firstly may I commend you on your taste! Escorts make wonderful partners! Secondly, my question to you is are you happy? Do you feel your partner will love you and stand behind you no matter what? Will be she a loving wife and mother? If the answer is yes, then that’s all you need to worry about. Your family should be happy for you that you are happy. Let’s not be naive here, having a wife that escorts may be raise a few eyebrows to most, they may not understand and they will probably judge (silently or not) but it’s your life to live how you choose. If you marry a lawyer, is that automatic happiness? If you marry a cleaner, does that mean misery? There are plenty of toxic abusive marriages between couples of socially acceptable careers let me assure you.

Tell your family you realise her profession is somewhat different but assure them you both are honest and loyal and a job is a job. Plus you are the happiest you have ever been. If it was my son, if he was happy, I would be happy.

Good luck.

Samantha xx









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