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Dating Websites?

posted by Samantha X January 5, 2018 0 comments
Hi Samantha,

What’s your opinion on dating websites such as Red Hot Pie and Ashley Madison and even Tinder where guys seek out sex and basically use the sites as brothels in which they don’t need to pay for sex ? I’ve spoken to a few and there seems to be a stigma about having to pay for sex. Are they just cheap and want free sex ? L


Dear Lady L,

Very good question and one I had to think about for a while. Are men really seeking out free sex on adult websites because of the stigma of paying for it? The answer – I think – is no. For some men anyway. You mention Red Hot Pie and Ashley Madison, as well as Tinder. My thoughts are this: AM and RHP are very different websites to Tinder. Women on RHP and AM are not looking for anything serious; neither are men. Half the fun of those websites is the chase, the excitement of has she/ hasn’t she replied. Does she/doesn’t she want me. And yes, an easy way for meet up sex. Tinder however in my experience is different. The brief few weeks I dabbled in Tinder, I mostly met men who were looking for something deeper than a quick bonk. As for paying for sex – there will always be a stigma for some men who can’t and don’t understand why they need to pay for it – regardless of whether they are on those websites or not. But what some don’t understand is that they are not just paying for sex. They are paying for an experience far richer than that; a deep level of connection, intimacy, companionship – something I truly believe most people – men and women – are really searching for in the first place.

Sam xx








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