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An author, single mother, journalist, and sexpert, Samantha X is a modern day woman who is dedicated to empowering other women and lending men a compassionate ear.

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We Are Stuck In Isolation And Driving Each Other Mad. Please Help!

My partner and I are stuck in isolation together and we are driving each other mad. How do we manage without killing each other?

Worrying Times

It’s worrying times at the moment with COVID-19 and I feel lonely and scared and my urge is to drink when I am trying to stay sober. What can I do? I really don’t want to deal with a hangover on top of everything else but I am struggling.

In Love Or Just Love Sex?

Every time I have sex with a guy, and the sex is good, I feel myself craving more and I don’t know if I am in love with the guy or his penis. I’ve put myself in emotionally painful relationships because of that and I only stay because of the sex, even though the guy is unstable/immature or emotionally unavailable. I really want to end this pattern because it’s literally ruining my life but not sure how to. Any advice?

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