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Career Vs Love

posted by Samantha X March 13, 2018
Do you find it hard having a long term relationship with a man being in this industry?


Dear Curious,

The short answer is YES. Personally, for me, when I was escorting, relationships were pretty much impossible, which is why I stopped when I found someone special. Sadly that didn’t work out, but that wasn’t due to my job.

I think it all depends on the individual. Some escorts I know – male and female – are married or in long term relationships and have children. One may be working in the adult industry, their partner may work in IT or something like that. Some people do understand it really is just a job, just work, and at the end of the day, they come home to the person they love. Escorting isn’t about feelings, it’s about providing a much needed service to those starved of intimacy and human connection. Some people get it, others battle ego, jealousy, and a lack of understanding. Dating an escort isn’t for everyone but it’s not impossible. I know a lot of women in this industry who have loving relationships but I also know a lot who are lonely and would love to find love. Escorts spend their time making other people happy and feel loved and they all deserve a bit of love back!  Escorts are very loveable people. We all are worthy of being loved no matter what we do for a profession. The key is to keep talking to each other and always be honest.

Sam x





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