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Being loved is lovely.

November 22, 2017 0 comments

Ladies and Gentlemen,

What a whirlwind of a few months! Retiring, new relationship and a much needed holiday! After three weeks away, nothing beats coming home to what I think is the best country in the world.

Business first: my escort agency Samantha X Angels is expanding, we’ve got new Angels in Sydney and I am looking for potential new Angels from Perth and Canberra. So ladies, if you are aged 21-60, have or can get professional photos, and exude warmth, class, compassion, a good sense of humour and feel escorting is your calling, please email with a brief bio plus a recent photo.

And Perth and Canberra gentlemen, Angels in your city are coming soon! We are excited to reveal our first Angel in Perth – an international model, Kali .

While I have hung up my heels for good, I am still mentoring men and women about love, life and relationships. From toxic love, to learning how to love yourself, to tips for dating and how to have confidence naked, I provide a non-judgemental ear and a safe place to confide your secrets, desires and worries.
Please click here for details. 

If escorting is something you have always been curious about, but have no idea how to start or how it works, click here for my Top 10 Tips. Please note these tips are suitable for beginners. I will be in Melbourne soon, therefore if you prefer one-on-one mentoring, please email Vanessa for available spots.

And finally, my new love Ryan. All I will say is that for all of you who feel undatable and unlovable, you’re not. There are wonderful strong, kind, and loving men and women out there, who will love you for YOU. My beautiful escort girlfriends always made me believe I was loveable, but we know loving yourself is hard enough, let alone believing someone else will love you.

Love isn’t about having to change who you are. No one is perfect but the right person will love you just as you are.

Stay true – and thank you for all your very kind messages of support. Please know that I read and cherish every single one.

Lots of love,
Samantha X

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