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Samantha X | Coach, Author, Sexpert

About Samantha X

I was your typical tabloid journalist in London, work hard by day, party at night, before I moved to Sydney for a life of sun, sea and sex….The single life lasted a few years in Sydney before I had two kids, then a break up. I found myself at 37 sick of my nine-to-five and sick of the dating scene. I decided to swap my high-rise office for high class escorting and became Australia’s most well known escort Samantha X.

I wrote two best selling books Hooked and Back On Top, and was thrust into the world’s media. I was received with support, applause, and of course, judgment. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so I decided to own who I was and talk about men, sex and the adult industry loudly and proudly on radio, TV, magazines and news websites. I gained female fans around the world that wanted to celebrate their maturity, sexuality and power. I also became a vessel for men to open up to, and my time as an escort has seen me help men through their most vulnerable and dark times, as well as celebrate the good times. Yet during these years, I struggled behind closed doors. At the age of 44, I decided to get sober after hitting my own personal rock bottom.

With sobriety came change and clarity. I decided to go back to study and trained as an NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I’ve also embarked on my Graduate Diploma of Counselling, something I always wanted to do. With my training and a wealth of unique life experience – good, bad and ugly – I can help heal those who are going through their own personal battles. I am known for being an authentic voice in a mostly fake world and believe true happiness is achieved once you live an authentic life.

Samantha X | Samantha with business partner Vanessa

About Vanessa

It all started with an email back in 2015. “Dear Samantha, my name is Vanessa and I read your book on my honeymoon. I truly believe you have what it takes to help empower women worldwide. With my background in marketing, I believe I could….” My eyes glazed over – another email from some stranger which I would get round to answering but of course, in my partying days (and nights), I never did.

But thankfully, this petite feisty Italian from Melbourne persisted. She wrote again, and again, this time offering to work for free for a month to show me what she could do and where she could take the Samantha X brand. The next thing, she was standing on my doorstep clutching a folder and notes, and the rest is history. Vanessa, with her background in Marketing, has been the solid foundation in building Samantha X, Samantha X After Dark, my sanity and my sobriety.

Her brilliant ideas, her attention to detail, her patience and her clear understanding of what I want to do, all with a good sense of humour and did I say patience…?

Vanessa brings to the table her knowledge of business, and with her education, knows what to say, when to say it and how to market it. I always joke some women have husbands, I have Vanessa.


Samantha X | Samantha sitting

We Are Stuck In Isolation And Driving Each Other Mad. Please Help!

My partner and I are stuck in isolation together and we are driving each other mad. How do we manage without killing each other?

Worrying Times

It’s worrying times at the moment with COVID-19 and I feel lonely and scared and my urge is to drink when I am trying to stay sober. What can I do? I really don’t want to deal with a hangover on top of everything else but I am struggling.

In Love Or Just Love Sex?

Every time I have sex with a guy, and the sex is good, I feel myself craving more and I don’t know if I am in love with the guy or his penis. I’ve put myself in emotionally painful relationships because of that and I only stay because of the sex, even though the guy is unstable/immature or emotionally unavailable. I really want to end this pattern because it’s literally ruining my life but not sure how to. Any advice?

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