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A Gender Issue

posted by Samantha X February 21, 2017 1 Comment
The SWM affair between Ms Harrison and Mr Worner is still ongoing. Ms Harrison has lost her job and with damage to her employability. Takes two to tango but Mr Worner seems to have lost little. Ms Harrison badly treated. Whats your thoughts on this Sam?


Hi – I did write an opinion piece for The Daily Telegraph on how this situation could have been avoided if Mr Worner had enlisted the services of an escort instead of his PA clink HERE to read

I think the whole thing is a bloody mess. Amber is furious and so she should be. Tim Worner has got off scot free except for rapped knuckles and some embarrassing publicity. But it is the same old story sadly – women always end up being the victims in these situations. Why is Amber being demonised while he gets back to work on his merry way? He clearly abused his power with a younger woman. Maybe I should ask Amber to come and work for me, so she never feels disempowered by a man every again! x

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1 Comment

Kevin Benson March 9, 2017 at 2:29 pm

Yes I agree with Samantha except for why does Mr Worner need an Escort. He is married I believe perhaps there is other issues and Ms Harrison became too available. Ms Harrison seems to be led ” up the garden path” promised this and that only when push came to shove Ms Harrison was expendable. Yep I hope Ms Harrison screws him to the wall.Men get away with a hell of a lot in these type of situations. AND the gap between men and woman just gets further apart if men dont learn to respect women.
I think its harder now than ever for women. I work with 25 year old plus professional women and their conversation is like men. Women I feel have practically lost their ability to influence men.Women DONT have to act like men to compete. They are 10 points ahead to start with. Women should insist on being women.

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