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A few assorted curiosities

posted by Samantha X February 21, 2017 0 comments
1. Youtube. I stumbled upon your youtube channel one day and enjoyed it a lot. Is there any chance you’ll do more videos in the future?

2. Shower sex. Do you like it? I’ve never had the chance to do it yet and I wonder is it is as fun as it looks?

3. Fellatio. Do women ever enjoy giving it or is it just seen as a chore?

4. Spanking. Do you like to spank or be spanked?

5. Orgasm etiquette. Something I have always been curious about, is the expectation that 1 session = 1 orgasm? Is it rude if clients expect to orgasm more than once?

Thank you for your time!


Dear Curious!

Due to space constrictions and readers possibly getting bored – I will answer your questions in point form.
1) No more videos unless I manage to get a sex tape released and make millions plus be as rich and famous as Kim K. If it worked for her……!
2) I HATE sex in any kind of water. As a journalist I once interviewed a man whose wife died after they had sex in a bath (something to do with an air bubble getting into her bloodstream from memory). This has made me paranoid. Plus 9 times out of 10 I’ve done my make up and had my hair done, so don’t want to get that wet.
3) If the penis is clean, and the man attached to the penis is a good and kind human being, then I have no issue with fellatio. The only thing that ever disgusts me are bullies, arrogance and lies.
4) I don’t mind being dominated, in fact I rather love it, but spanking no. I prefer a bit of hair pulling myself.
5) It makes no difference to me how many times a client orgasms in an hour. The more times, the more big headed I get ha ha! On a serious note, the orgasm is not the be all and end all. If a client can’t orgasm within our time, it is not the escort’s job to go overtime to make sure it happens.
Sam X


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