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3 Reasons Your Husband Will Visit An Escort

August 29, 2014 4 Comments

Having spent hours and hours and hours with men, usually married men, in a room, on a bed, talking intimately and of course, having sex, I hear a lot. I listen a lot. And I learn a lot.

I also do something other escorts see as a big no no; but being a journalist, I can’t help myself and that is to ask a lot of questions. Are you married? Why are you here? What is your sex life like? Do you have affairs?

What you have to understand first of all is that men pay me money for my time; a lot of money. It’s not unusual for a men to hand me an envelope with countless green dollar bills for just one or two hours of company. Most of the men I see are wealthy; so a few thousand is nothing to them. But some of my clients work in shops, bars or make coffees. They don’t earn a lot of money. They will save up for the occasion and see spending time with me as an investment; which of course is terribly flattering but has me thinking. What are these men not getting at home for them to spend their hard earned cash on an escort? If it’s just sex, then why not just masturbate to porn or pick up a stranger in a bar? God knows it’s easy enough to do that.

The answer is of course; that men are not paying purely for penis in vagina. Of course they can get that elsewhere. There are many reasons I have discovered that your partners, boyfriends and husbands visit an escort and here are the three top ones.



Yes I know I am not exactly dropping a bombshell here. But I’m not talking about every week. I am talking about every day; or at least every few days. I know, it sounds exhausting. I often look at them incredously when they tell me three times a week isn’t enough. I mean, seriously?

As an escort; I’m supposed to be the kinky one; the one who does nothing all day but live breathe and do sex. But even I couldn’t have sex every day with my husband in my real life.

For me, everything becomes boring if you do it too often; even sex. But not for men. They seriously think about it all the time. So while I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if your partner is not getting enough sex at home (in his eyes); the chances are he will stray.



I’m not just someone to have sex with but more importantly, I’m a female to talk to. I get a sense that most clients just want to immerse themselves in the female being; our smell, skin, touch and softness. One client, a lovely doctor in his 30s, paid me to stay overnight. A little indulgence for him.

I asked him what he wanted me to wear; what did he want? Jeans and a T shirt, he replied sweetly. I want the girlfriend experience. He arrived at the hotel suite at 7pm. We had dinner and drinks and were in bed by 10pm. Sex was quick. I fell asleep in his arms at 11pm, wearing the hotel white fluffy dressing gown and woke at 7am. I remember his lips kissing my forehead and him stroking my hair.

I woke at 7am just in time for breakfast in bed. Then we parted ways. There was no kinky sex, no drinking all night, no party. I was a bit anxious on the journey home. Was that a mammoth waste of money for him? After all, he had paid $5,000 for the experience. For what? For some woman falling asleep in his arms at 11pm after just 10 minutes of sex. Hey thanks for last night, beeped the text message just moments later. I had a fantastic time. You’re amazing.

So when a man pays for an escort; often it’s not the sex he needs. It goes a little deeper than that.



For a small percentage of men, one vagina will never be enough. No matter how gorgeous and sexy and beautiful the woman is who owns it.

Some of my clients claim to be happily married, love their wives, have great sex lives, but just need variety. Is that bad? Not in my eyes; that’s just men for you.

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Stella Mccartney September 1, 2014 at 11:40 am

I am a retired escort. Men visit escorts because he wants different sex, he wants fun and adventure, its a bit hard to sustain fun and adventure after 20, 30, 40 years of marriage especially with kids. Men dont always want to shag, that is a fallicy. Men will see an escort because he can. There are actually alot of men out there who do remain 100 per cent faithful. Not all men cheat. Womens bodies change after age and children. Their vaginas become sloppy, boobs droop, stretchmarks, overweight, the guys still love their wives, but the love has moved on to something deeper, but as men are visual they are no longer turned on by them visually, and that is why they visit an escort.

Free Spirit September 15, 2014 at 5:43 pm

I was married once and after our first child sex stopped to twice a year and then our second came along then it completely stopped and I felt for him as I was the one who didn’t want sex but I understood that its only natural to have sexual urges and not having sex was not his choice but mine. I sat him down one day to express this and told him that it was ok if he wanted to have sex outside our marriage but he was not happy at all about this. He said “no thank you I do all my shopping at home” which surprised me so we left it as it was but eventually we separated

I feel a lot is talked about how men have sex outside their marriage but don’t ever talk about how women do too. Its just as common accept they’re smarter and don’t get caught or pay for it. For some reason society judges more people who get paid for sex is worse than just having casual sex. why? why is worse to be a prostitute than a free whore? I don’t understand but we all have our judgements

Stephen Badger September 23, 2014 at 9:23 am

I used to ponder my need to have sex with escorts outside of my marriage. Was it my fault? Hers? I slowly came to realise that it was no-ones.

I have heard of lifelong soul mates. Couples who are able to satisfy all of each other’s needs throughout life. I’ve seen them on TV. I have never met one of these couples though. The chances of meeting that one person that can do that for you for your lifetime is so rare, if that person exists at all.

My wife and I are great friends. We have great kids and have worked together to achieve some goals. But sex is an area that we have not connected on for a long time.

I must disagree with Stella here. Yes, men are visual. But it has been my experience that my interest waned when I realised that sex was no longer interesting to my wife. Sagging boobs, overweight, whatever, a mans wife greeting him at the door in a see through nightie, or walking up and grabbing his crotch from behind, will get the same result virtually every time.

I didn’t use escorts for the first 15 years, porn and the World Movies Channel had to suffice. But the lack of intimacy was poisoning our relationship. Since I have seen escorts I am much happier, the home environment is better.

Sex just happens to be an area that my wife does not fulfill my needs, just as I am sure there are areas that I do not fulfill hers.

Geoffrey Allen March 19, 2018 at 4:04 am

I agree to this that is my opinion I think I might be looking for a loving mistress my wife is a very good loving wife to me but dosent satisfy me in love making sensual togetherness which I know I would thrive on

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